Follow the traces of culture and intense fun


Civilization, art, culture, nightlife experiences and entertainment.

Civilization, art, culture, nightlife experiences and entertainment.

The Municipality of Thessaloniki in cooperation with other institutions organizes, conducts or manages diverse cultural activities by creating a cultural environment in which everyone can look for their interests.
Musical and theatrical performances, events about the book, about cinema, lectures-seminars, art events and exhibitions, events for children are organized throughout the year.


The nightlife of the city


The city’s nightlife promises excitement and unforgettable experiences … In a place that … never sleeps and entertainment and fun have no end, you are going to get carried away by the liveliness of the thousands of students and you will find out and experience first-hand the authentic fun from Northern Greeks in person! Bars and clubs throbbing with young pulse and the “bouzoukia” (greek music clubs), turn the night into day …!
Start familiarizing yourself with the merry face of the city, the night face of the city this time, over a leisurely drink in the classic hangouts of Aristotelous, where flirting gives and takes, and continue on Nikis Avenue, where you will find that fun and Thessaloniki are one and the same! Greek and foreign music is played and heard from the clubs with numbers of people reaching the road which is literally packed making the transit impossible. Take the avenue from the beginning and make the necessary stops at the harbor and its 3-4 bars for your second drinks, as probably by then, you will have already drunk the first ones! Continue towards Nikis Avenue and look for the “triptych” of mainstream success, Coral, Coralaki and Little Coral, just before you reach the Mast Bar Club – where thanks to the Wi-Fi connection you can directly upload to the internet the moments, the authentic Thessalonian moments you experience – while when you the meet Vogatsikou street turn left for a cocktail in the famous Bel Air!

The more the time rolls and drinks follow one another (with many shots in between), the more you seek something special. What you’re looking for you shall find it in the area of Palaia Sfageia, just outside the center. Hot-spot for clubbers with “One & Only Vogue” club making the difference and is well aware of that! Besides being a groundbreaking club with high aesthetics, some of its pluses are the dance happenings with the “Loona Beats” and the live music events which have acquired their own fan club. The all new “Image Club” is a good choice, where mainstream music choices give the beat! If you are a dance floor lover of “bouzoukia” and “flower throwing”, you’re in the right city and at its right spot. Your “heaven” lies in “Astra”, “Mamounia” and “Pyli Axiou”, with their dance floors covered by carpets of flowers and ethereal beings swaying incessantly in the maestro’s (conductor) tune. You know very well that here fun strikes (extra) red!

Finally, do not forget the historic Ladadika. They reached their peak many years ago and for a while ‘the bottom fell out of the market’, however, Ladadika currently gained back a place in people’s preferences for fun. With Katouni’s pedestrian street keeping the lead in the region and new stores springing like mushrooms, the previous market of Limani makes a dynamic come back. The all new “Bourbon” and “Kismet Unplugged, leave their mark, with the first causing a stir with the extraordinary and meticulous decoration and the second gathering young people to live events organized from Tuesday to Friday.


Since last year, it surely made a great impression. Its bars continue and this year to be crowded daily by cheerful young people enjoying the different music played and the alternative atmosphere prevailing throughout the block. As for the new arrivals? All one of a kind. With no further introductions, we present you the notorious Valaoritou (took its name after Valaoritou street where most local hangouts are clustered), which has left its own mark on the map of nightlife. However, its expansion into Syggrou and Kapodistriou Street is directly evident as dozens of tables inundate these narrow streets from 22.00 onwards.